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BoneTact nano surface

The unique BoneTact nano surface of our Sanat Smile SOLO and Nexus, Nexus D dental implants guarantees fast and excellent osseointegration. 

Surface formation takes place in multiple steps. First the surface is roughened by biocompatible materials. The residual material is removed by a high temperature acidic surface cleaning. Then with an anodization system unique in Hungary a
special nanosurface is created by a porotic TiO2 ceramic layer. The surface apart from the high osseointegration properties blocks the movement of Titanium ions which could lead to implant loss.

Sanat Smile implant surface has the best properties for the high degree secondary stability:

• Surface roughness Ra=1,4 micron
• Size of nanopores 3-4 micron
• Extraordinarily clean surface

Surface cleanliness and roughness was investigated by an independent, internationally recognized research institute.

nano felszín    


Static and fatigue testing

In internationally recognized laboratory

• Fatigue testing: ISO 14801:2007
• Static testing
• Dynamic investigation: maximum load 275N – compares to the competitive companies.
• Supplementary investigation after the dynamic testing: torque loss of the connecting screw is 33% on
average, never causing loosening.