Főoldal  For Patients The process of receiving an implant

The process of receiving an implant - only 5 steps to your new smile!

1. During prior examinations - based on the X-Ray and CT results - your dentist decides on the exact position of the implant, examines its distance from the adjecent teeth, the quality and quantity of the bone and the position of the abutment. 

2. After applying local anesthetic, your dentist makes an incision to open the mucous membrane up, and drills a hole into the bone using a special drill.


3. In the next phase, your dentist places the proper sized implant into the hole both manually and by using special tools.   

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4. Then your dentist stitches the mucous membrane up to close the incision. The stitches are removed 5-7 days later. The healing, or ossification period takes about 3-6 months during which bone cells grow into the micropores of the implant. This results in the bone completely fusing with the implant to provide a solid anchor for the replacement tooth. 

5. The last step is to attach the crown to the titanium abutment screwed into the implant.